Return to school updates 26/11/21

All students may come to school starting Tuesday 30 November. Please note the new start and finishing times below:

Start times/Drop off:

Children are to arrive and leave through the same entrances as they
are currently using. These will be open from 8.30 am and when children
come into school, they are to go straight to their learning spaces.
Gates will continue to be locked at 9 am.

Finish times:

LC1 (Y0-2) through the office from 2.40pm
LC2 (Y3-4) through the Speight Rd gate from 2.50pm
LC3 (Y5-6) through the Hanene St gate from 2.55pm

Return to school updates 16/11/21

Please see the below information for the return to school:

Days at school: Children will be at school EVERY SECOND DAY

Wednesday 17th Nov – children with surnames from A – I inclusive may return to school
Thursday 18th Nov – children with surnames from J – Z inclusive may return to school
Friday 19th Nov – children with surnames A – I
Monday 23 Nov- children with surnames J – Z

…and so on- your child will be at school EVERY SECOND DAY

On the days children are not at school distance learning will be able to continue at home.

Please note there will be NO ZOOM sessions provided.


Learning Community One (Yr 0-2) children should be dropped off and picked up outside
the office doors.
Learning Community Two (Yr 3-4) children should enter and exit the school through the main
gates on Speight Rd by the library.
Learning Community Three (Yr 5-6) children should enter and exit through the gate on
Hanene St and walk-in on the path alongside the field.

Staggered pickups after school from Wednesday:
Please note: The school bus will be running as normal- please let the school office know if your child will be getting the school bus.
Year 0: 2.50- 3pm
Year 1: 3pm- 3.05
Year 2: 3.05- 3.10
Year 3-4: 3.10
Year 5-6: 3.15



Please see below links to useful sites: