At St Ignatius Catholic School our curriculum is driven by our vision: 

Learners will live and celebrate our Catholic faith, follow our values, and become actively engaged, connected lifelong learners.


“Key competencies are the capabilities that people have, and need to develop, to live and learn today and in the future.”

In the NZ Curriculum there are 5 Key Competencies:

  • Thinking
  • Using language, symbols, and text
  • Managing self
  • Relating to others
  • Participating & Contributing

Our curriculum is concept- based driven by big ideas. The goal for all our children is to become innovative learners with a solid base in literacy and numeracy.

2021 Concept:



Mā te kimi ka kite, Mā te kite ka mōhio, Mā te mōhio ka mārama.
Seek and discover. Discover and know. Know and become enlightened.

Learning is a journey. It starts with a conscious effort to seek knowledge. Upon seeking, you will surely discover a brand new thing or see a familiar object in a totally new light. Eventually, the things you know will lead you to become wise beyond your years. Seek. Discover. Know. Be enlightened

2021 Integrated curriculum focus

Enduring Understandings:
Learners will know and understand that:
Discovery helps people to know God
Discovery is neverending and can lead to change now and in the future

Essential Questions:
Learners will question and explore:
How can people Discover God?
How might Discovery affect our Future?
How can we discover?