Our PTA exists to raise money for our school – our children and we have an annual target of $50,000.

We don’t always obtain ample funding so our school needs extra to cover the basics like teacher aides, essential technologies, new sports kit etc. Our PTA currently runs FIVE big events throughout the year with some cool add on’s like sausage sizzle and Friday Freeze. These events fund the basics for our children. They also provide so much more for our school community in terms of networking and spirit. We are a little school with a big heart and for 2019 we want to increase our community network.

New Look:

  • In 2019 each event will be allocated to a Year Group to run. The Year Groups will become Champions for their specified Event, tailor it and have fun in the process.
  • Two – Three people per year will be Year Representatives – together you will coordinate your year.
  • Your PTA will be there for support and guidance.



Year 0 & 1

Sausage Sizzle & Ice blocks: Sam Sherry & Sarah Burt

Year 2

8th May: Ladies Night: Cheryl O’Hagen, Annabel Rees & Rebecca Richardson

Year 3

Year 4

31st August: Auction Night: Tonia Mortell & Marguerite Gustofson Auction Night: Dorota Bade, Helen Pryde & Julia Coles

Year 5

TBC Quiz Night & Disco: Alex Luffman, Caroline Fraser & Amanda Goddard

Year 6

1st March: Dude’s Night: Mary Vettori & Gillian Holdcroft

To make contact with your Year Reps please source their details from the school office

Volunteers: While the Year Groups are responsible for organising their particular event we will continue to call upon the school community for volunteers. This ensures everyone feels supported and allows for everyone to be involved. Many hands make light work and we are SO appreciative when everyone pitches in to help.

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