Scholastic Lucky Book Club


Issue 6 of the Scholastic Lucky Book Club catalogue has gone home with the children.  These catalogues come home twice per term (i.e. 8 issues per school year). The return date for this issue is Friday 6 September. If you wish to place an order you can do so in one of two ways;

  1. Visit and follow the instructions
  2. Complete the form on the inside back page of the catalogue and return it to the school office with a cheque made payable to Scholastic New Zealand – PLEASE NOTE IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PAY BY CASH

There is no obligation to order. All orders are delivered directly to the school and sent home with your child. Our school receives credits for books ordered by school families and we use these credits to purchase books for the school library and teacher resources. Many thanks to all who have contributed by ordering books from Scholastic.

Any queries please contact Hilary at the school office.